Self Portrait

NinJ4son3099 Self Portrait

I put together a self portrait. This will be the first piece in a series of daily artworks for this project. As part of our roadmap, we will use the proceeds from the drop of 200 ETH, to start a treasury to bring in the best artists for EarthTimeline Collection. Why only 200 ETH and not 500 ETH or more? Well EarthTimeline is just a small project not huge like the boring apes and crypto rainbow doodles.

The self portrait is for sale on Opensea. The secret message is just a small hello from NinJ4son3099.

Get Dinner Together

Drawing from futuristic images and everyday things, like a nice dinner out and the robot arm, it is possible to use the position of an image with respect to other images to communicate deeper ideas and stories. Get Dinner Together is inspired by the theme of Character #233, both available for minting on Rarible.

Character #233
Get Dinner Together

Rarible Collection

We are very excited to have now launched the first 130 characters from EarthTimeline on Rarible ETH and XTZ, most of which can be easily found directly on the Rarible Collection Page.

Presale Starting Now: Max 200 Characters (ETH), Max 60 Characters (XTZ) for presale, with prices gradually moving down from initial 0.5 ETH and 25 XTZ until we reach 0.01 ETH and 1 XTZ selling price for each presale character January 5th 2022.

Drop Date Announcement: The the drop date for the final 3900 characters (ETH) + 350 characters (XTZ) will be announced on the website, on Twitter, and on Discord early in 2022.

Still a ways to go, but 2022 is looking very good and exciting for the multiverse.