EarthTimeline is a NinJ4son3099 project.

At the electromagnetic, subatomic, and molecular levels we can detect the effects of quantum superposition. A particle could exist in multiple quantum states at the same time: in different positions and with different values for momentum at a given time. Scientists have yet to unlock the implications of this for the many-worlds hypothesis. Are there multiple Earths which we are bound never to be able to reach?

In EarthTimeline, a phenomenon is taking place across the world. There are dimensional portals opening to… the same Earth? Different Earth? You go meet a friend but discover they now write with a different hand. You meet a person who is 100% certain of a completely different history. Time travelers stopped JFK’s assassination. No one landed on the moon because you look up and the moon is completely gone from all history. Does your character have what it takes? What will you do with your character? The only limit is the universe and what lies beyond.

Max Supply: 4100 Characters (ETH) + 410 Characters (XTZ). Drop Date to be announced early 2022. ETH Characters will be lazy minted, with buyer to pay the minting gas at the time of purchase. XTZ Characters will be fully minted on the Tezos blockchain.

Presale from December 2021: 200/200 Characters (ETH) + 60/60 Characters (XTZ) for sale now on our Rarible link. -NinJ4son3099

Paris Hilton [OpenSea Video]

This item is not for sale. The NFT was created as a gift for Paris Hilton and Carter Reum, congratulations on your wedding! The idea is an abstract portrait of Paris with a space-travel, lunar city theme. The custom film score was composed and performed by the EarthTimeline team to accompany this production.